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Surprising My Neighbors is a first-person game where you are going to leave “surprises” at the doors of your beloved neighbors. One morning, you went outside and found… some poop at your door. It seems one of your neighbors left it there. However, you don’t know who exactly it was, so you will have to give that kind of “present” to every one of them. Be careful: it’s not something they might like when they find poop at their doors.


SurprisingMyNeighbors.zip 86 MB


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a bit late with this as I had this sitting in my itch app for a month, a fun game to play overall nice work 

A very weird concept. Visually, it looks good and the design is fairly good. Could do with a bit more variation in NPCs, but other than that it was fun to play.

It was weird, it was wild, but it wasn't wet. In hindsight that is probably good. Great game :D

Didn't Really Think I Would Enjoy It, But I Gotta Say I Had A Great Time Playing It 


I honestly didn't think much about this game as I don't really care much for toilet humor. But I gotta say I enjoyed myself while I played this. Thanks for brightening up my day.

ha ha ha ok this was pretty enjoyable im glad that i found this and good job and thank you for making this , also here is my gameplay cause my vengeance deserves to be seen XD 

Very weird and challenging game! This was actually quite fun to play and I enjoyed it however I wasn't able to complete it as one of the gates was closed, I don't know if I could have jumped over (didn't try for some reason).

Please add some sort of V-sync because my PC is trying to fry my gpu and run at 600 fps for no reason.

This is so gud