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can you make it that we have unlimited ammo for every gun and unlimited grenades please? thank you so much for making this game. 

my first time playing this game

Great game if you always wanted to see what its like to be a dude! I really enjoyed it! It will be cool if the dev added a no police mode. In the no police mode, once you killed someone, the police won't come! that will be amazing.

could you impliment graphics settings? i think that would help with some performance issues my freinds and i are having. fun game though, i tend to draw towards games with this premise lol


why we men we are always portrayed ugly and disgusting ?that seems so discriminative and hateful ,  when they will realise that beauty is for men too and not just for woman only....thumbdown for the game


it did not work for me it just came up with a black screen...


oh god

This is a nice game


how do i leave the house exactly?


i don't know either

press f at door

what if i want to pay respects?

press F

Amazing game. Stared in my 3 games 1 video :D 



Can you it possible to run over police


how do i download it

i dont know ethere

How do you open doors? It is not working for me... Thanks


Press F

Press F


Deleted post

can you please make it so police cant go through doors and take more people to get the stars?


Your best is 19999999999999999999/24


its the SAME but ITS SO GLITCHY 


I COPYED DANTDM LOL also im a youtuber






i like this game

how do i play this game 


W,A,S and D to move, f to open doors and to get in cars, mouse wheel to change weapon. I think. Could be wrong though

This Game Is Funny xD 11/10

can you make an mobile,android,iPad,iPad mini,phone version pls

I don`t know how to switch weapons or open doors or basically the controls PERIOD. so, can someone tell me how to play? (also my game lags like crazy)

mouse wheel to switch weapons wasd to move f to open doors

10/10. noice!

Good game awsome

kill me

cool gam btw

Is this game going to be updated anymore? It has very good potential to becoming a great game! :D

Small fun game! I loved it! :D

This game is very important, practice in Windows




 i am not able to  grab any thing or open any doors so im stuck inside 



can someone help me



I didn't really seem to have any of the lag issues other people had mentioned. It was fun for a little bit, but at least this variation doesn't have much to do past 10 minutes. Not sure about the Steam version though. I did make a video too!

no pls no guns that would ruin the game. it`s fun running from them! :C

I'm not entirely sure how the game would be "ruined". As it is, it is pretty boring after 5-10 minutes. Guns wouldn't help a whole lot in that regard, but this is also the version, which I assume isn't being updated anymore since it's on Steam now.

i dont like where the police gets 1 hit and i die plus if the police is not strong  make it where it has a gun

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