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 i am not able to  grab any thing or open any doors so im stuck inside 


can someone help me


I didn't really seem to have any of the lag issues other people had mentioned. It was fun for a little bit, but at least this variation doesn't have much to do past 10 minutes. Not sure about the Steam version though. I did make a video too!

i dont like where the police gets 1 hit and i die plus if the police is not strong  make it where it has a gun

I'm currently downloading, and I can't wait to be called a fascist bigot by everyone around m








LOL i want to play it!

LOL i like dantdm playing it!


i cant load the mono LOL


this game is fun 

Is money used for anything?



I loved this funny little game, I enjoyed shooting large amounts of police while they swear at me and tell me "This is police!".

Well my pc is lagy. I like it's free on because I have to pay for it on Steam. I can't get out of the house cuz the graphic CAN U PLZ MAKE THE GRAPHICS BETTER FOR MY PC?! Plz! I beg u.

how to get out



Any System Requirements?

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Was this made by the same people that did "Garbage Day"?? Just want to get that clear. Also, could you add lower graphics options? The high detail that my computer has to load and everything makes it lag out making the game pointless to have or play.


How do I get out of the house?


Can somebody tell me why I cant play the game, I download it but it says "there should be a file next to dudesimulator" if somebody can tell me how to fix this thanks a lot

Make sure the .exe is not in the folder it came with in the .zip if so take it out and then try if you want you can make a new folder and put the .exe and the folder into the newfolder




This is just the game Garbage Day

Small fun game! I loved it! :D

sooo can I play with a iPad please say yes...!,

XD boi

very good


why wont my cumuter let me play becuase i download it and it say i need to re-download it!


#badspelling LOL



Where do you buy stuff? It says you can in the game description.


hi this game would be better without lag and I am not hating I am just sayin


bruh your pc just trash.

Can you make so the quality can go lower like to faster or good please?

Okay I can solve any problems now to interact with stuff you press the (F) key. And If you don't like how laggy it is when you open the game there should be this thing called screen resolution you put it on the lower stuff and it will make the game for faster. What I recommend  for the screen resolution is 800 x 600 and lower

how do you get into the game


this game would be better without police

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how do u exit the room


WHAT ARE THE CONTROLS ON THIS GAME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Good game it fun like gta less stuff not so laggy i recomend you to play it (note:it is

a little bit laggy).


how do you play

Warning very lagy but very cool!

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